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Flying Lotus Bashes the YouTube Music Awards

Flying Lotus

As you might have heard, online video giant YouTube is hosting its own award show entitled the YouTube Music Awards. That’s right, they’re taking the time to shed some light on the music videos that draw so much traffic to their service. And that last sentence is to be taken as literally as possible, because the nominees are mostly gigantic acts that get nominated for every other award out there. One of our favorite producers, Los Angeles’ Flying Lotus, took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts on why the awards show is kind of a crock. And he wasn’t alone, because somewhat frequent collaborator, Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator, dissed YouTube, too.

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Richie Hawtin Interview at Red Bull Music Academy

Richie Hawtin

If you’ve got a spare hour and a half, or maybe it’s not spare but you want to use it anyway, you can’t really go wrong with this recent interview (or “lecture”, sorry) with techno pioneer Richie Hawtin at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York. Talking to some guy whom I cannot name about the best beat making software available today — if you know him, let me know in the comments — he discusses a range of topics including early musical influences, Plus 8 records, his initial approach to production and the role of electronic music in the future.

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The Warehouse Project 2013 Line-Ups Announced

The Warehouse Project 2013

At 9am this morning, The Warehouse Project released their full line-up of events for the 2013 season. Needless to say, it boasts a plethora of heavyweights that immediately made me consider extending my overdraft. Whether you want to bounce in speedos along to some Sven Vath, jump around to some Zinc or twerk to…well, I guess Major Lazer or Toddla T, there’s offerings to satisfy pretty much everyone here. Personally I’ve got one eye on the Resident Advisor and Circo Loco nights and by one eye, I mean both eyes. And by that, I mean I’m going. Now I just need to raise the funds. Donations are welcome.

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Dawn Safari – You Don’t Know

Dawn Safari

Despite the rather romantic name — it’s pretty similar to being called Morning Stroll or Twilight Drive — Dawn Safari actually makes some pretty good beats. “You Don’t Know” is a prime example of this, laying down an idiosyncratic wave of percussion, slightly wonky lead synths and off-kilter vocal samples. Combined it offers a pleasing listen, kind of like what you’d hear on a morning saunter round your favourite lake…if that lake had a resident DJ that liked playing decent tunes at such an early hour (and was allowed because, you know, restrictions put in place by the council etc. It’s a complicated business).

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Joe – Rut

Joe - Rut

Ever the creative chap ‘Rut’ is the latest offering from Joe, the producer who brought us the paradoxically relentless yet addictive ‘Claptrap’. Sparse yet ultimately fulfilling, sparing chord hits punctuate a flowing percussive rhythm like expertly placed raisins in a particularly delicious muesli.

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Rhye – Open (Jeff Samuel Faded Mix)

Rhye - Open

I just wanted to post to alert you all to the fact that I’m still alive and well, roaming around the streets of Manchester with no sense of direction and spending an ungodly amount on craft beer and pulled pork sandwiches (no, I haven’t grown a moustache, fuck you). I also wanted to draw your attention to the Jeff Samuel faded mix of Rhye’s ‘Open’ because it’s almost as good as a hangover cup of tea.

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