128 Beats Per Minute


128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo’s Guide to Music, Culture and Everything In Between is a coffee table book chronicling the infamous Philly DJ’s prolific world travelling in photo form. Featuring photography from Shaun McCauley and the occasional passage of autobiographical commentary from Diplo, it’s described as “a culmination of just some of the experiences [Diplo's] had so far”. From the previews that I’ve seen, it looks like it might be a decent browse. Books like this can be dangerous for me though, I flick through and end up halfway to the airport with a bag full of shit before realising I can barely afford a bus ticket.

If anybody fancies paying for me to travel around the world, get in touch. I’ll even wear a chicken suit and take degrading photos if you want. Or a bear suit.

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Diplo - 128 Beats Per Minute

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