Box Musique is a UK based music blog which first reared its peculiar little head in 2006. Run by infamous ’50s swing duo David and Oldsy, the mission is — and always will be — to write honest musical opinions and to let people know what’s swirling around the ever more convoluted vortex that we call Earth. Our coverage oscillates between release news, tracks and mixes, event info, opinionated bullshit and the occasional nod to our local scene in Sheffield. Single genre focus is non-existent so expect our content to skip around like a fat kid with a bag of skittles.

In terms of community, we’re suckers for feedback and openly welcome suggestions as to how we can improve the site. After all, the whole social thing is the future, right? Actually I think the future’s bright…too bright…dammit. Forget MP3s, stick on a vinyl, eat beef, smoke unfiltered cigarettes and lie on asbestos like the information revolution never happened! Or not, it’s your choice kids.


David People tell me I’m good at writing. I guess that means I’m doomed to a life of stress and leather elbow patches. I should have become a scientist. David



Oldsy I’m steadily losing my grasp on an effective use of the English language and White Russians are like alcoholic milkshakes, it’s all good. Oldsy


Taking Down Tunes
If you want us to remove any tracks, drop one of us an e-mail and we’ll get on it as soon as possible.

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