Absent Tastes: James Edition

Where am I? What’s my name? Who are you? Sorry it took me so long, it’s not easy getting all the way across from France with only 17 Euro cents and one of those tiny biscuits you get with a coffee. Someone then actually had the cheek to enlighten me that the internet exists in France.

Long story short, I’m a confused little soul who is mentally stuck in a No Man’s Land between the ages of 8 and 48 and the languages of French and English respectively. As much as I hate their beady little doom-filled eyes and dastardly looking beaks, sometimes I get quite jealous of birds.

As far as music goes, I must admit I’ve pretty much been surviving on the usual BM champion Minilogue alongside the stone-cold classic Endtroducing… combination. Plus whatever shiny new treasures I happen to stumble upon (Them Crooked Vultures for example). Let us crack on however, see what happens…

First up: Kid Cudi’s debut album. This really struck a chord (music journalism at its finest) with me a couple o’ months back; album on repeat etc. and the stronger tracks (Solo Dolo, Day ‘n’ Nite, Pursuit of Happiness) have remained as fresh as a newly de-tagged pair of socks. The guy is touring with Lady Gaga but don’t let that put you off though, it is thoroughly refreshing stuff. To prove absolutely nothing, here is a lovely interview.

Up next is Modeselektor’s ridiculous remix of Headhunter’s minimal dub sensation Prototype. They don’t call it the Broken Handbrake remix for nothing. My inability to link faulty car parts to music production does in no way detract from this track’s bouncy bouncy goodness. If you’ve been lucky enough to have your ear drums molested by this ‘joint’ in ‘da club’ then I take my hat off to you sir.

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