Aloo – Klangbild (ASTOR015)

Astor Bell are a particular favourite of ours (and maybe yours). Not only are they a label that releases consistently dope electronic-based music, they release it all for free. ‘Consistently dope’ is the key here because, unlike most of the time in life, the fact that it’s free doesn’t make it shoddy and won’t hook you into some lame promotional bullshit. Sucks though because I can’t say anything like ‘you really get your moneys worth’ or whatever. My perception of reality is based on monetary value and this is blowing my mind.

But I digress, Klangblid is all about the relationship between sound and image. Kind of pointing out the obvious with that one but still, this little EP is pretty epic. The 4/4 in the opener with some sparse piano work is real boat-floating stuff and ’2seiten’ adds a lovely bit of funk for the old folk. The low frequencies dominate all 6 tracks, creating the foundations for a ”colorful and dreamy world of synthesizer driven synesthesia”, none more so than the during the languid string meanderings of ‘Harmonium Pump’. Food goes in one end and comes out the other, but which end am I talking out of? My head hurts. Silence is music. Reality is absurdity.

‘TreiToTrei’ down there happens to be the best track but the soundcloud quality doesn’t do it any justice. It’s only there in case you’re too lazy to click through or you don’t believe me. So it’s all been in vain then? Unbelievable.

Download Klangbild for free from Astor Bell.

TreiToTrei by ALOO

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