Bop – The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel

Sometimes it seems like my mind inhabits an apathetic space unto itself. As I stroll the wide avenues contemplating the colour of the wind in another galaxy, there are people out there actually doing amazing things and contributing to society (I’m serious). Bop is one of these people and his sophmore album, The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel, dropped on Med School last week. I, however, only heard about it today, but I’m bloody glad I finally did.

Although I am yet to peruse the album in its entirety, the 20 minute preview below showcases exactly the kind of tranquil, electronically-tinged vibes I was expecting from the man that brought us the supremely beautiful ‘Song About My Dog’. If you’re one of those oh-so-chilled-out-people on a constant search for the record that attains the mythical halcyon plateau, you’ll not go wrong with this as a stepping stone. Stay strong brothers and sisters, one day you’ll find a perfectly serene piece of genius and spend the rest of your days getting stoned and growing your own vegetables. Wait, can I join?

Buy The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel at Juno, Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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