Burial – Street Halo (HDB013)

The recent Thom Yorke, Burial and Four Tet collaboration didn’t quite go down as well as expected and rather than bask in a wave of praise, it languished in an uncertain pool of hmmm. Thankfully, Monday sees the release of the first Burial solo material in four years and having been partially played on Benji B’s Radio One show last night, I can confirm that it is pretty damn good. Entitled Street Halo, the three track EP sounds a lot less cluttered than the likes of ‘Mirrors’ and rumoured as a precursor to Burial’s next album, is rather exciting to behold. Weightless yet epic, it’s exactly the kind of lo-fi genius we’ve come to expect from the secretive South London producer. Buy it? Buy it.

Preview ‘Street Halo’ and ‘Stolen Dog’ below and head over to Juno to catch a snippet of ‘NYC’ and/or buy the release.

Burial – Street Halo

Burial – Stolen Dog

  • Micheallucas

    Thing about the THom Yorke / Burial/ Fourtet record was a) it wasn’t expected – it got announced the day it was released
    b) it sold out in ten minutes
    c) the majority of responses to it were overwhelmingly positive – check it out on youtube for instance….

    so shut up you dickhead with your rubbish blog

  • http://www.boxmusique.com/ David

    You’re entitled to your opinion Michael. Thanks for the comment!

  • http://www.astorbell.com/ Don Simon

    Can’t wait to get my hand on this release!

    Regarding the aforementioned collaboration I think it’s rather neat, allthough in the end I prefer Burials dark soundscapes without vocalists but rather ornated with small samples.

  • Snurdge

    Somebody’s got the grumples. Go back to primary school and have a nap. And PS just cuz it’s popular doesn’t make it good…I think Justin Beiber is selling quite well.

  • Michaellucas


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