Bwana – Baby, Let Me Finish (Karma Kid Remix)

Karma Kid

Available to download for £0.00 (other currencies are available) as part of Annie Mac’s ‘Free Music Monday’, this is a huge remix of Bwana’s “Baby, Let Me Finish” by 17 year-old Derby producer Karma Kid. Not that his age really matters, of course. He’s just talented. I wish the world would stop shoving the age of talented kids down my non-virtuosic throat. So what if I’m jealous because there are footballers 5 years younger than me that earn more than I can count to … I’m still young and cool! Look, I’m sitting on a chair backwards! Look at my hat, that’s backwards too!

As usual, listen/download below and let me know your thoughts on the tune or just the current state of the world. I know there’s some lazy social critics out there just like me.

Buy Karma Kid tunes at Juno.

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