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Shaun Bloodworth – Underground

In all fairness the title of this post probably lead you to believe that I was going to be talking straight music. So when it turns out that Shaun Bloodworth is actually a photographer and ‘Underground’ is an exhibition of his work if you are indeed slightly taken aback I apologise. Got to keep you on your toes.

We went along to the opening party last night and were treated to free beer, DJ sets from Mary Anne Hobbs and Grievous Angel and, above all, excellent photography. Shaun has been documenting the electronic bass music scene since 2005, taking in the rise of Dubstep etc. over here with Rinse and that before crossing the Atlantic and getting in on the LA beat action. ‘Underground’ features, among others: Skream, Benga, Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Roska, Mary Anne Hobbs, Ramadanman and there’s a sweet shot of some plugs too. If you want to sample the goods, this Bleep blog post will sort you out.

‘Underground’ will be running at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield city centre for another week or so. Shaun and the crew also want to take this exhibition down to London (and beyond) so get involved, spread the love. More and info and prints to buy can be found on the official site. The video below is a trailer for a little film put together for Sonar last year, you can watch the whole thing here.

Shaun Bloodworth: UNDERGROUND
28/04/2011 – 20/05/2011
10:00 – 17:00

Minds Locked Together (Trailer) from BRAINFEEDER on Vimeo.

Ramadanman/ Pearson Sound at TTC

Just a heads up right now for the local nuts (and anyone from ‘out of town’ who’s mad dedicated to the future sounds). The Tuesday Club are holding their annual Outlook Festival launch party tonight and it would be jolly lovely to see you down there. Although you don’t know what I look like, and vice versa. We could guess?

Despite the fact that the headlining two monikers account for one man; the inimitable David Kennedy, there will be killer support from Jacques Greene and Distance. Kind of coming at this thing from both ends of the dance music spectrum, much-lauded newcomer and highly esteemed veteran respectively… bonus.

Tickets are a measly weasely £5 ADV and can be purchased from Sheffield Union Box Office, Hallam Hubs or online right here.

A pair of tickets for Outlook Festival will be given away at some during the proceedings tonight so really if you’re not there you suck at enjoying life. Strong words there so to apologise here follows a rundown of various tasty nuggets.

Outlook Festival launch party facebook event page.

Outlook Festival official website.

Buy Ramadanman fabriclive 56 at Juno.

Buy Jacques Green’s new 12” Another Girl at Juno.

Soup Kitchen and Bigger Than Barry

Soup Kitchen have been promoting ridiculous events in Sheffield for quite a while now, probably even longer than you’ve been pretending to like dubstep and garage so that kind-of-hot girl you sort of know might notice you and think you’re cool. Just recently, for example, they brought Dark Sky and xxxy to the original home of decent spoons and I don’t need to tell you how happy that made me (hint: very).

Continuing the theme of astute bookings, next week sees an event which is such a banger I saw the poster and had to double-take like a cartoon cat. I then walked around the block — or would have if this was America — and had another look just to make sure it was real. With a line-up comprising Joy Orbison, Pariah, Midland, Lil’ Silva as well as the inevitable Soup and Barry residents, it’s going to be more exciting than the time you and your best friend Ronnie found that dirty magazine in the woods. Basically I reckon you should snag a ticket pretty sharpish because come next Friday (March 25th) you won’t want to be standing out in the cold whilst everyone else is inside loving it like homeless men at a real soup kitchen…on Christmas Day.

Tickets are £10 and in terms of the venue, it’s a secret…until 24 hours before the event at which point it will be announced on Facebook. Talking of Facebook, head over to the event page for more info. See you there.

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The Correspondents

Although their name suggests they are an eccentric bunch of travelling current affairs journalists, The Correspondents actually belong to the humble electroswing scene and in reality are much, much more insane. Insane however, in a good way. Mr Bruce is not GG Allin, he’s not going to shit on the stage and fling it around, but he will dance like he’s trying to power an entire city and agitate his vast limbs like rhythmic nunchucks. Of course, you’re all music “lovers” so you wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to witness such an enigmatic performance and Sheffield’s latest club night, Cool Beans, is facilitating just this with a spread reminiscent of hors d’oeuvres at the Ritz or the drug buffet at a ’50s jazz club. The Correspondents headlining, the inimitable Renegade Brass Band supporting and ska/reggae band Nice One Greg complementing proceedings. What’s not to like?

So on March 4 2011, If you happen to be in Sheffield, near Sheffield, passing through Sheffield or willing to undertake a massive journey to visit Sheffield…then I urge you like an overzealous charity worker to purchase a ticket — for £5 — and come and get down with us. Oh yes, we will be there. Just look for Oldsy’s huge head bobbing amongst the crowd like a miniature blimp.

Cool Beans is at The Fusion, University of Sheffield Union on March 4 and tickets are £5 advance. Get them at the Sheffield Union Box Office and head over to Facebook for more info.

Blue Mar Ten Fabric Promo Mix

In light of the upcoming Hospitality at Fabric — which is going to be ridiculous — Blu Mar Ten have strung together a delectable promo mix intended to make you clear your schedule, buy a ticket and sit with it clutched tightly in your filthy paws until the fateful night arrives. If I lived nearer the capital I’d probably be doing just that, but as it happens, I live in the north so I’m too busy making spoons and mining coal. This pie is so tasty, somebody get me my flatcap, I need to go and check on the sheep. Seriously though, the mix is sick, the night looks insane and I think you should organise your life.

For more details on Hospitality head over to Fabric and for the tracklisting, take the jump.

Blu Mar Ten – Med School / Fabric Mix – Dec 2010 by Blu Mar Ten

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The Tallest Man in Leeds

Despite buying three tickets and being utterly fascinated by every one of his releases to date, I somehow managed to miss The Tallest Man on Earth last time he toured the UK. On this occasion however, I was determined to affect a different outcome and set plans in place to ensure I did not neglect him once more. So, accompanied by my girlfriend, I battled my way to the shining lights of Leeds through freezing wind and hints of snow wondering if my Swedish folk eidolon was finding England’s increasingly biting climate just a little bit homely.

Arriving as the doors opened, we huddled cosily in the warmth of Brudenell Social Club and after a cold beer and some speculation, were greeted by unexpectedly beautiful support in the form of Idiot Wind. Solo with nothing but the comfort of a piano, Amanda Bergman’s voice shone with dolorous charm and immediately silenced the crowd, as we watched this accidental beauty in awe. A short set later and the Tallest Man himself came out to rapturous applause. Playing songs from his first two albums and the recent EP, Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird — which he modestly insisted was “just an EP” — It was clear from the first note that we were all mesmerised.

One thing that did strike me during the performance was the clarity of sound; it was impeccable. From whisper to crescendo, all could be heard as the crowd stood quietly in awe of Mattson and his soothing majesty. He did actually dedicate a song to his sound man so I guess that’s testament to the exquisite nature of the technical set-up behind the genius. A genius which, on the night, comprised a beautifully flawless array of songs, including my personal favourite, ‘Thousand Ways’. At one point, he even sat down and played the piano, which he described as a strange looking banjo and worked briefly before returning to one of his four guitars and dancing around the stage with joyful abandon. The set closed with one his new songs, ‘Thrown Right at Me’, and Bergman scampered back on stage halfway through for an intimate duet, adding a personally candid and touching finale to a truly amazing night.


(The video below is from a recent performance in Austin, but illustrates the duet quite beautifully).

Buy Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird at 7digital.

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