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Introducing Beacons Festival 2012


Music festivals don’t always have to be huge, sprawling affairs that require the navigational knowledge of a London cabbie and pockets as deep as the hole they made with the strange machine in The Core…in fact they can be better if they’re not. Set to grace the scenic Funkirk Estate in the Yorkshire Dales for the second time, Beacons is a boutique festival with a major line-up and a ticket price that won’t have you scrabbling for floor pennies in Tesco.

Organised by some clued up folks who have been putting on nights around t’North for a fair while, Beacons offers a selection of the finest electronic, indie and folk music (with a dash of everything else too, let’s not pigeon hole this thing). Among the plethora of confirmed acts so far are Wild Beasts, Roots Manuva, Patrick Wolf, Ghostpoet, Pearson Sound, Star Slinger, xxxy and a fair few others, with many more still to be announced. It’s not just music either and the presence of comedy, roaming performance acts, art installations and interactive workshops will ensure a diverse range of charming distractions.

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Jai Paul – Jasmine

Jai Paul - Jasmine

This has been passed around today like the most attractive groupie on the tour bus and it’s easy to see why. From the pulsating bassline, through Jai Paul’s beautifully delicate vocals, the intermittent, warped guitar licks and eventual sweeping synths, this is gorgeous stuff. Admittedly it does sound like someone playing around with all the effects at their disposal in the studio, but at the same time really getting it right.

I wouldn’t say it’s quite as good as ‘BTSTU’, but I’m still doing a muted version of the jitter bug to it…and eating croissants. I love croissants.

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Synkro – Broken Promise EP

Broken Promise EP

Marking the April relaunch of R&S sub-label Apollo Records, an imprint famed for releasing the likes of Aphex Twin, DJ Krush and Cabaret Voltaire, is Synkro’s Broken Promise EP. In his characteristically profound style, the four-track EP comprises atmospheric soundscapes populated with sparse percussion, elysian synths and deep bass. It’s the best thing I’ve heard from Synkro since last year’s ‘Look at Yourself’, which is big praise because the few releases between now and then have been pretty fucking good too. From the graceful persistence of the title-track to the dying embers of ‘Knowledge’, this is a beautiful way to rekindle the Apollo story.

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Koloah – Love EP (CUT011)


Considering the fact that his name is an amalgamation of Kaluha, Koala and Klonoa, it’s kind of fitting that Kiev’s Koloah produces smooth tunes evocative of dream-travelling escapism (although I don’t know where the koala element comes in). Billed as a collection of “deep stompers”, Love EP progresses from the powerful and rhythmically percussive vibes of ‘In the Beginnin’ through to the mellow stylings of ‘Love’ with effortless charm. The music is as pleasing as the name “Koloah” is to read out loud [in various different hokey foreign accents] and, as is customary with Cut releases, the artwork is beautiful too.

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Guido – Afrika

Guido - Afrika

It’s been a while since I immersed myself in the idiosyncratic pleasures of Guido. Even though he launched his new label, State of Joy, at the start of the year, his inaugural single kind of passed me by and I didn’t really get involved. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice though and as soon as I caught of a whiff of ‘Afrika’, I was all over it like appreciative gravy. I’m going to heap praise on it too, not only because of guilt, but also because of the fact that it’s genuinely brilliant. With every producer and his/her drum machine switching up to some kind of genreless high ground, it’s nice to hear an artist offering something consistent with their previous output.

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Kidnap Kid – Alphaville EP

Kidnap Kid - Alphaville EP

Out now on Black Butter records, Alphaville EP is the latest offering from one of my favourite producers of the moment, Kidnap Kid. Comprising three tunes: ‘Vehl’, ‘Lazarus Taxon’ and ‘Be More’, it lies somewhere between house, 2-step and extraterrestrial melodica, filling my ears with sumptuous imagination fuel. Also, having accidentally just watched a program on Sky Living for 10 minutes, the EP’s power to uplift may have just saved me from committing suicide. There was a walrus of a woman critiquing someone’s wedding…and…the hypocrisy…I just don’t want to talk about it.

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