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Rustie’s Radio 1 Essential Mix


Everyone’s favourite Glaswegian producer Rustie was this week’s Radio 1 essential mixer and last night at 1am, he dropped to hours of incredible tunes. Featuring new tracks from Dorian Concept, Hudson Mohawke, Surkin and Rustie himself, this one is big. Almost as big as my nose…oh God I’m hideous!

Have a listen over at the Radio 1 site or download from Mediafire. Tracklist after the jump.

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Context – Drowning EP (Kid Smpl Remix)

Kid Smpl

Appearing on Context’s forthcoming Drowning EP, Seattle-based Kid Smpl’s remix of the title track is a chilled out yet profound experience. Heavily reverbed aspects of the original merge with vaporous atmospherics and sparing percussion, conveying the spacious and euphoric inclinations that so often characterise his music. As much as I like the original, the decision to subdue the auto-tuned chorus is intelligent and makes this mix a hell of a lot more listenable.

Drowning EP is out on April 22nd courtesy of Textured. Listen after the jump.

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xxxy – I Know This (Can’t Be Love)

Taken from his forthcoming Everything EP, which drops on April 16th courtesy of Well Rounded, ‘I Know This (Can’t Be Love)’ is the latest offering from Manchester’s xxxy. Surfacing on Soundcloud earlier today, it was accompanied by a video featuring a bouquet of slowly wilting roses which eventually explode into flames. I know roses are perfectly suited to convey the powerful metaphor of fading love and the breakdown of a relationship, but I would have just microwaved a tin of beans until it burst. Now that would have bean entertaining. Bean.

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Jai Paul – Jasmine

Jai Paul - Jasmine

This has been passed around today like the most attractive groupie on the tour bus and it’s easy to see why. From the pulsating bassline, through Jai Paul’s beautifully delicate vocals, the intermittent, warped guitar licks and eventual sweeping synths, this is gorgeous stuff. Admittedly it does sound like someone playing around with all the effects at their disposal in the studio, but at the same time really getting it right.

I wouldn’t say it’s quite as good as ‘BTSTU’, but I’m still doing a muted version of the jitter bug to it…and eating croissants. I love croissants.

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Synkro – Broken Promise EP

Broken Promise EP

Marking the April relaunch of R&S sub-label Apollo Records, an imprint famed for releasing the likes of Aphex Twin, DJ Krush and Cabaret Voltaire, is Synkro’s Broken Promise EP. In his characteristically profound style, the four-track EP comprises atmospheric soundscapes populated with sparse percussion, elysian synths and deep bass. It’s the best thing I’ve heard from Synkro since last year’s ‘Look at Yourself’, which is big praise because the few releases between now and then have been pretty fucking good too. From the graceful persistence of the title-track to the dying embers of ‘Knowledge’, this is a beautiful way to rekindle the Apollo story.

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Airhead – Wait


Out now on R&S, Wait is the first thing I’ve heard from Airhead since 2010 when he released ‘Paper Street’ and, perhaps more notably, collaborated with James Blake on ‘Pembroke’ and ‘Lock in the Lion’. He did actually recently remix Shlomo’s ‘Rained the Whole Time’ for the Vacation EP, but I was too enamoured with the original tune to really get a feel for it…which, having listened to this release, is something I am now going to rectify. In fact, after the last sentence I opened a nifty little website called YouTube — it’s currently invite-only (exclusive) — and am now listening to it as I write.

Despite Airhead’s seeming inactivity from a production point of view, this single combined with murmurings of a debut album surfacing at some point this year may be the start of new, prolific era for the man known to his postman as Robert McAndrews. At this point we can only hope and speculate. I am, however, sure of one thing. If Clare Balding is on my TV at any point during the Olympics, I am going to instantly Hulk smash it with my head. I hate you Clare Balding. I hate you and your blocky blocko head. Get the block off my TV before I knock your block off.*

Listen to both ‘Wait’ and the b-side, ‘South Congress’, after the jump.

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