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Cruger – I Need

As you know, I’m prone to the occasional UK hip-hop post, but I tend to keep it fairly chilled out because understated beats and cathartic lyricism is what I loves yo. That being said [rap battle judging joke], here’s Cruger with an introspective discourse of unrealised ambition and general regret. It is, however, accented with a hint of optimism because what he’s essentially doing is acknowledging his personal flaws and proposing solutions, no doubt with a view to ultimately fulfilling them.

I’m pretty sure it will strike a chord with a lot of you because I know you tend to sit in your room and quietly sob while pretending to laugh so your parents/housemates don’t know you’re genuinely insane. Or is that just me?

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas everyone. Seriously, I’m not being sarcastic, I’m sincerely wishing you all a happy day. I hope Santa Clause (who may or may not exist) brought you some spectacular gifts and that you spent all day drinking delicious alcoholic beverages. I also hope that your Uncle Fred didn’t manage to grope your sister with his classic ‘hands-on’ hug and that your weird cousin wasn’t discovered touching himself in front of the cat again. Families are funny, aren’t they?

For a little bit of festive entertainment, I have embedded Lunar C vs Uno Lavoz below, which Don’t Flop kindly uploaded this morning as a little gift to all the battle heads out there. It’s family friendly [canned laughter], so hook it up to your TV and let your grandparents hear some sick bars like back in the day. I’m off to eat some turkey sandwiches and watch some more awful Christmas specials.

P.S. To those who don’t celebrate Christmas. I hope your regular day was all spiffy and nice too.

James Blake – A Case Of You Video

Mr James Blake, the new master of melancholy, has just released a video for ‘A Case of You’ from his recent Enough Thunder EP. Starring Rebecca Hall (watch The Town), it’s an appropriately nostalgic ode to one’s love which fits such an ardent and wistful song perfectly. It makes me want to be all happy and nice to people; a prospect we all know is not possible. My icy heart aside though, have a watch below, wipe a solitary tear away and contemplate a few things, like why you’re so passive aggressive with the neighbour who keeps banging on your wall when you make too much noise. Stop throwing things over his fence. Or start throwing bigger things.

Buy Enough Thunder EP at Juno or Amazon.

Blood in the Water 5 Trailer

For those of you who know me, you may be aware of the fact that I have an addiction to battle rap. Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who watches quite as much as the man sitting here. I usually keep it fairly separate from the blog — although I do have a ‘Best Battles of All-Time’ post planned — mainly because Oldsy sees it and swipes at me, but I invariably manage to slip away like a cartoon rabbit. Today however, I can’t avoid it. This is the trailer for Don’t Flop’s international event, Blood in the Water 5. The fifth and final instalment in the BITW series, there are some serious match-ups here and when the uploads start, I’m going to be rinsing them. For now, I’ll just have to make do with snippets!

The beat’s a little loud so you may have to strain for a few of the punches, but it’s worth it.

Sepalcure Pencil Pimp Video

Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp

Every time I write a piece on Sepalcure I tend to mundanely describe them as a “Brooklyn duo” and list concrete facts about their upcoming releases, which is something I need to stop doing. Soon you’ll be thinking this is a newspaper or magazine of some sort and expect genuine insight. Well kids, it’s not going to happen, because today I am describing them as “alchemists of aural effulgence” and on a completely unrelated tangent will slip in how I recently left a bag of chocolate buttons near my radiator and later discovered that they had all melted together…

I shall now address the new ‘Pencil Pimp’ video which facilitates this very post and mention how beautiful yet confusing it is. There’s men, there’s women, there’s fire, there’s wigwams, there’s three people whose faces are connected by a box with a watch stuck to it and there’s also an incredible cgi heart…so, you know, it’s a little bit interesting. I would try and describe it further but I’m worried I may genuinely go insane. Stare into the sublime abyss below aka the video lies after the jump.

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Portico Quartet New Track

Portico Quartet Isla

The music speaks for itself. I’m lost for words. My tea’s gone cold. If you don’t watch/enjoy this video here then you hate music and therefore life. Self-titled album out in January, new track ‘Ruins’ available as a free download and the band are playing for free in Sheffield this Saturday. Could you ask for anything more? Tailor made, silk-lined, Hefneresque smoking jacket you say? Irrelevant.

Download new track ‘Ruins’ for free.

Buy Portico Quartet tunes at Juno.

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