Cool Beans, DJ Woody and Monkeys

Never gentlemen to slink in through the back door, the Cool Beans crew — although they’re more of a rabble — are once again bursting in through the skylight like incompetent Hollywood jewel thieves with another line-up of epic proportions. Hitting Sheffield Uni’s Union on 11/11/11 like some kind of musical suicide cult, DJ Woody will be headlining proceedings with his mind-blowing ‘Turntables in Technicolor’ showcase (see video below). Alongside the man DJ Yoda calls a “demi-god” will be masters of melange Dutty Moonshine, ska/reggae 9-piece (no KFC) New Town Kings and Sheffield’s answer to funky stuffed cabbage, the Balkan Bandits. DJ support will come from duo System:attic and general entertainment will flourish from the possibility of a man dressed as a monkey doing the haka on the bar with you. Which, if you’re honest with yourself, is right up your street.

Details? 11/11/11 at the University of Sheffield’s Foundry and Fusion. Tickets are £5 advance and I would urge you to get them hand delivered, mainly because the option comes with the promise of “great chat” and I would like to see if they actually have this “great chat” or come up with some kind of Natwest inspired one-size-fits-all natter that makes you realise everyone now has a cardboard heart. I’m pretty convinced they’ll manage to deliver the former and you’ll wake up on a ferry to Tangiers, but I need to test the theory. Anyway, visit Cool Beans on Facebook for more info and look out for me, I might be there. I’ll arrive on a rhino.

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