Dark Sky Boiler Room Mix

Dark Sky are one of the latest acts to drop a mix for the consistently scintilliating Boiler Room and, as you’d expect me to say because I’m obsessed with them, it’s good enough to knock your trendy little hat off. Nigh on an hour of infectious tunes guaranteed to make you crap your pants and lambada like Patrick Swayze at the office party (a few years ago, of course), it comprises exactly the kind of music which arouses my desire to break out the old Roland TR-707 and program the blue balls out of it…or would do if I owned such a beautiful machine.

Featuring countless Dark Sky tunes and remixes, alongside tracks from the likes of Koreless, Boddika and Jack Dixon, you’ll want to implant this in your brain and walk around all day hearing deep kicks, punchy claps and synthetic rim shots. Instead of droning on about cashback and loyalty cards, you’ll be pulling the worm at supermarket checkouts while simultaneously filling your phone with the numbers of astonishingly attractive admirers. Sound good? Oh yes, it could be your future.

Listen below and watch the video over at boilerroom.tv. I couldn’t get a full tracklist but if I see one, I’ll stick it up.

Buy Dark Sky tunes at Juno.

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