Dauwd – Whats There


Forthcoming on Pictures Music, Whats There — missing apostrophe intentional — is a 3 track release from Welsh multi-instrumentalist Dauwd. Lauded by the likes of Giles Petersen, Caribou and The XX (on their confusing blog), his style is profoundly organic, mellow and richer than Scrooge McDuck. The title tune, ‘Whats There’, is similar to the recent crop of ’90s house revival tunes, with a sampled vocal snippet and deep kicks thrumming consistently throughout, but there’s an altogether more mellifluous vibe that sets Dauwd apart. Despite this, I was actually quite disappointed when the bassline that kicks in at 1:58 wasn’t continued later on, it made me feel like I’d just discovered that injecting chocolate intensifies the flavour and then realised chocolate had been obsolete since the asteroid hit, you know, the one that wiped out most of the human race except a few stereotypes who banded together for survival. I’d be the nerdy one who eventually wins over the attractive female. Definitely.

Anyway, I posted this because Dauwd is playing alongside Scuba in Sheffield tonight at Drumro[ll] and both me and Oldsy are making an appearance. Advance tickets are sold out online, but there’s a few knocking about at Bungalows & Bears and Golden Harvest and there’ll be a limited supply on the door so you should come down. If you manage to make it and want an autograph from us, just ask…and then brandish a fiver with the promise of more to come (we need the money). Head to Drumro[ll] on Facebook for mo.

Whats There by Dauwd

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