Desto – No Sleep EP (RWINA017)

Kurt Russell

Slated for a late February/Early March release, No Sleep EP is the latest offering from Finland’s mercurial dubstep export Desto. I listen to so much future garage, post-dubstep and [insert other strangely coined genre here] these days, that I rarely seem to indulge in some good old chest-boxing dubstep, and this is exactly what Desto delivers. Accented with a cold melodious twist that transports me to the Arctic tundra, a blast of ‘Monsters About’ evokes vivid images of the outpost in The Thing (which is actually set in Antarctica, but whatever). You should probably appropriate a Russian Ushanka before you stick this on, although the bass will probably warm you up anyway. Have a listen below.

  • K-Shan Artist

    chilling synth stabs. 

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