Ed Sheeran is Incredible

I watched this last week but for some reason it didn’t occur to me to post it. Oh well, it’s here now and all I can really say about it is that it’s an exhibition of pure talent. Ed beatboxes the percussion, plays guitar, sings, raps and well, it sounds a little bit shit if I try and write it down, but it’s fucking amazing when you watch it. So good that Smokey Barz of YouTube grime fame posted it in amongst the street freestyles he gathers. That’s got to be good for a ginger kid with a guitar, right? Anyway, I’m tired, I’ve been as confused as an elephant in a black hole all week and it’s a miracle that you got anything out of me today. Just watch the video and behold the glory. The glory!

“My eyes are red, I’ve been burnin’!”

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