Fabric 55: Shackleton

Fresh from the launch of his new label, Woe to the Septic Heart, badman Shackleton is back with the latest instalment in Fabric’s infamous mix series: Fabric 55. Comprising 21 of his own tunes, the mix runs for around an hour and fifteen minutes and is, unsurprisingly, as atmospheric as a deserted manor on Halloween (with added reverb). Amongst the flurry of aural genius are both tracks from his latest release Man on a String Parts 1 and 2, two very special tunes which I feel the whole ordeal builds up to, although that could just be because I am fucking infatuated with ‘Bastard Spirit’. It makes me feel like I’ve had a lobotomy and can’t understand words any more and yet, it seems to leave me feeling rather tranquil. In fact, the whole mix gives me a glassy stare and disaffected demeanour, I’m thoroughly enjoying it in a “yeah, it’s pretty cool, whatever man” kind of way. I reckon it’s all that ethnic percussion, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard so much bongo/djemba/other similar percussive instrument packed into an hour before. Well, not since I came back from my interior voyage with Kurtz and the gang anyway. Tracklist after the jump.

Fabric 55 drops December 6, buy it now at 7digitial.

01. Bottles
02. Busted Spirit
03. Closeness Nature
04. Come
05. Deadman
06. Death Not Final
07. Hypno Angel
08. Ice
09. Interlude: Blood Rhythm Wish
10. Interlude: Point One, Sense It
11. International Fires
12. Man On A String (Part One)
13. Man On A String (Part Two)
14. Massacre
15. Moon Over Joseph’s Burial
15. Negative Thoughts
16. New Dawn
17. Operatic Waves
18. Paper
19. Something Has Got To Give
20. Stripped
21. Visontele

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