Fliptrix – Earth’s Axis

Fliptrix - Third Eye of the Storm

A label already considered seminal, and one arguably responsible for the revival of UK hip-hop, High Focus Records seem to have a secret formula for producing and delivering flawless diamonds some kind of urban African warlord. The stream of incredible tunes label founder Fliptrix has been dropping in the run up to the release of his third album, Third Eye of the Storm, has been ridiculous and you should be grabbing a copy as soon as it sees fresh air. The video for ‘Wylin Out’ went up a few days ago, ‘Land of the Lost’ and ‘Mind Travelling’ were posted before that, and now “Earth’s Axis” has been thrown upon us. It feels like I was thirsty for a coke and instead of getting one from the shop, the “Holidays are coming” lorry turned up with an unlimited supply.

This is the part where I usually continue writing witty stuff and you crease up and throw money at your screen, but there’s no time for that. There’s too much music to listen to. Get on it!

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