Gonzo Lyricism + Less Than Human

You could easily be forgiven for thinking that Oldsy and I are no longer alive and that Box Musique will soon lie abandoned like a dusty old house full of dirty mattresses and cryptic graffiti. This is not, however, the case and our recent inactivity is largely due to work commitments which, for me at least, have been taking up so much time that I can barely open my eyes at night nevermind construct a coherent passage of the written word. This situation should soon change and hopefully I’ll be back on the bloggle “grind” in a week or two, posting stuff so new — and amazing — that if you happen to be holding a small mouse while reading it you’ll crush it to death with excitement like Lenny, you ungainly fool. For now I would just like to point you in the direction of Mcabre Brothers’ Gonzo Lyricism and DePTHS and Scatabrainz’ collaborative album Less Than Human. Both are excellent examples of the prodigious talent lurking in the largely underground UK hip-hop scene and for genre newcomers, a listen through of these two will hopefully galvanize the desire to look further. Delve my friends, delve into the unknown and ye shall find treasures of an unimaginable nature! Aye.

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