Headhunter – Lost Prophet/Chasing Dragons (IDLE004)

Definitely UK Funky. Definitely some serious Techno thrown in for good measure. IDLE004 is out right now on ‘experimental electronic dance’ label Idle Hands. In all honesty I still don’t know what to make of ‘Lost Prophet’; it’s just a bit textbook spacey electronics to my disintegrating ears.

On the flip however, ‘Chasing Dragons’ is far more hard-hitting. Something I could definitely get in bed with. Or should I say ‘get in the club with’. It also does a better job at taking the eerie synths to the next level. That coupled with some lass warbling all House style and you’ve got yourself a tasty stew going.

Let’s just hope Headhunter is heading to the club to recruit some talent for adventures in unknown sonic territories. That’s right I write for the Telegraph music section now.

IDLE004 – Headhunter ‘Lost Prophet’ by Idle Hands Bristol

IDLE004 – Headhunter ‘Chasing Dragons’ by Idle Hands Bristol

Buy Headhunter tunes at 7digital or how about the vinyl from Boomkat.

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