Ifan Dafydd – Miranda

Ifan Dafydd

Ifan Dafydd, if you can’t tell by his name, is Welsh. He is also an amazing producer and his track ‘Miranda’ was praised heavily and frequently (I’m exaggerating slightly) by Gilles Peterson, who seems to love everything Push & Run put out. Anyway, it’s now available for free download, so if you want it, you can have it. No strings attached. Apart from the ones I attached. When you’re listening I may reel it in without warning, just like I used to do with my sister’s hamster…although you’re not really supposed to tie string around animals. That’s a life lesson for you. Don’t tell me I never teach you anything!

Listen below and click the download arrow in the player to…well, download it.

Ifan Dafydd – Miranda by boxmusique

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