Iron Galaxy – Attention Seeker


Yes, I know, it’s almost Monday. It’s time to pretend to be a normal person and tuck in your shirt. It’s time to wonder why you can never follow through on the ideas you come up with at 4am on a Saturday morning. It’s time to answer to someone else and accept that you’re no longer fully in control. It’s time to drink coffee all day and assume that you cannot function properly without caffeine. It’s time to care about stationery supplies, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. It’s time to look at your watch and genuinely give a fuck what time it is…

Well, it’s actually still Sunday night here so maybe you can kick back and wallow in the escapist fantasy that life can be simple and fun for a little bit longer. That’s what I’m going to do anyway, accompanied by the tranquil perfection of ‘Attention Seeker’ from Montreal’s Iron Galaxy.

  • Harrison Wobbles

    i really enjoyed reading this post. very well said. and the song puts me in a good place. thanks bruv.

  • canvas prints

    Iron Galaxy were my tip for the top in 2011. Great to see them getting the exposure they deserve.

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