Jack Sparrow, Ruckspin & Quantum Soul – Minotaur


The internet connection precariously cabled into my shire hovel may have given out on me yesterday, leaving me stranded in what is effectively the ’80s, but I have journeyed across town to source a reliable vein in order to update this oh-so-well-respected source of new electronic music (phew). The update in question pertains to a rather spiffing collaboration between Jack Sparrow, Ruckspin and another Leeds head, Quantum Soul. You may recall Spaz and Ruckz, as I often call them, recently released a rather delectable album as duo Author, so it’s fairly standard to assume whatever they throw in together is going to be good. This is exactly that, although it does seem to be a little bit more aggressive than their usual material which may be a result of Quantum Soul’s influence. Of course, that’s purely an assumption because I’m not really familiar with his previous work so it might be a load of bull…

That was a Minotaur joke. Ok, I admit it, I wrote the entire post so I could crowbar in that horrendous pun. I’m going to bow now. Listen below!

J.Sparrow+Ruckspin+Quantum Soul -Minatour by J.Sparrow (dubstep)

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