James Blake Interview (Sucks)

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. With that in mind… the new Guardian interview with James Blake is shit. There’s not really much more to be said about it, both parties come across as egotistically deranged lunatics. We’re big fans of James Blake, we wish him all the best and can’t wait for the album blah blah blah but c’mon guys just chill a bit yeah? I prefer to picture Blake beavering away in his bedroom studio or tearing it up, club-style, behind the decks; not in some mutual 69-position rimjob session, which is what this interview made me do. Stupid interview. Now this raucous slandering isn’t usually our style, so apologies. Maybe there should be less of it… or more.

Have a read here.

His self-titled album is released 07/02/2011. You could also buy some stellar, previously-released James Blake stuff at 7digital.

  • Ben – The Music Projects

    Have to agree. Saw the headline (looks very appealing with Not made for Chris) got me hooked, then slighty exhausted with the 'amzing' info of what sandwiches he eats, how tall he is, the music he listened to as a baby, blah blah, blah… favourite biscuits he eats. Great for literature and word reading, waste of space for music columns

  • JamesBlakeSucks

    Please…please…please. This James Blake noise is so bad it’s incredible. This idiot is nothing more than a bad joke. Boring, out of tune, out of pitch vocals that are supposed to seem creative, horrible arrangements, stupid lyrics and so on.

    James, stick to sucking cock. Forget about the music thing.

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