James Blake – Love What Happened Here

Vaguely announced on Facebook last week by R&S, details of James Blake’s forthcoming EP were finally released today. Crowds of adoring fans gathered outside the courtroom to hear the details…hold on, that’s actually the Michael Jackson fans at the doctor thing, and there was only 20 there, so not really a crowd…

Let me start again. Crowds of adoring fans used their computers to discover that the EP will comprise three tunes, with title track ‘Love What Happened Here’ on the a-side and ‘At Birth’ and ‘Curbside’ on the flip. Slated for a possibly snowy December 11th release, some would call it the perfect stocking filler and I am part of that some.

Have a listen to ‘Love What Happened Here’ below.

Buy James Blake tunes at Juno.

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