Jamie xx and Oneman Fact Mix

I wasn’t planning to post this — mainly because I think it’s already been pimped in every possible orifice of the internet today — but due to the fact that it contains a Hall & Oates track, I decided it deserved a little extra exposure. Jamie XX b2b with Oneman was always going to be a bit special and the choices here are as inspired as you would imagine, starting off with a selection of retro tunes and progressing onto the likes of Boddika, Joy O, DJ Zinc and Girl Unit. The mixing however is another story and proves a little bit dodgy in a few places, really letting the whole thing down, but I can barely stir sugar into my tea properly, so who am I to moan?

I am literally as tired as it is possible to be right now and this acted as a great soundtrack to the last hour and a half of lying face down on my bed, so I suggest you slap it on and zone out in a similar fashion. If I was energetic enough to dance…well, I wouldn’t have, because I’m too damn cool.

Jamie xx and Oneman Fact Mix #249

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