Joe – Rut

Joe - Rut

Ever the creative chap ‘Rut’ is the latest offering from Joe, the producer who brought us the paradoxically relentless yet addictive ‘Claptrap’. Sparse yet ultimately fulfilling, sparing chord hits punctuate a flowing percussive rhythm like expertly placed raisins in a particularly delicious muesli.

Ok, I paused for a second to see if that made any sense and to be honest, I don’t really understand the analogy myself. I’m just eating muesli as I type and figured I may as well include it. The raisins are nice. No one gives muesli radio play anyway, it’s all about Coco Pops and Lucky Charms for kids these days. Get yourself some real oats you sugared up scamps. Yeah, and give this a listen with your ears before the diabetes kicks in and they fall off.

‘Rut’ is out now as the b-side to ‘Grimelight’ on Hessle Audio.

Buy Joe tunes at Juno.

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