Joker’s Gully Goon Estate

I don’t know how he does it, but Joker just keeps throwing out amazing tunes at an unbelievable rate. He’s like a supernatural sushi chef who slices tuna thinner than anyone else believes is possible. Elijah & Skilliam played his new collaboration with Terror Danjah, ‘Gully Goon Estate’, on their Rinse show last Tuesday and it’s huge, as you would expect. Occurring just under 16 minutes into the mix, it hits you in the head like a flaming molotov, making you want to pistol-whip your Grandma and skank until your little legs are mere bloody stumps. Hopefully this will make it on to the album, it’s dirt.

Buy Joker tunes at 7digital.

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    Great video, thanks for the share man.

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