Kahn Sonic Router Mix

The last day of February saw Kahn’s first release on Punch Drunk and, characteristically for the seminal Bristol label, it was breathtaking. I reckon it might have even been better than one of the latest acts on Britain’s Got Talent and they’re like pretty good aren’t they? I thought the woman singing opera with her dog was amazing…or maybe, maybe I tried to kill myself halfway through. Anyway, the pistol from Bristol — as I shall call him, just this once — has compiled a mix for the folks over at Sonic Router and it’s a great listen. Progressing from chilled out to sinister then easing back to serenity, the 30 minute sojourn largely comprises Kahn’s own original tunes and remixes with a few choice additions from Peverelist, Zhou and Sorrow. The remix of Superisk’s ‘Find Your Way’ rears its powerful head as the undoubted highlight about halfway through and will surely have you cycling back to the drop every couple of minutes until your hair goes grey. If your hair is already grey, grab a Werther’s and lose your shit in the study while your grandchildren make muffins in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to when I can do that.

Listen after the jump and head over to Sonic Router for the accompanying interview.

1. Kahn – Azalea
2. Kahn feat. Naomi Jeremy – Close
3. Kahn – Polar
4. Peverelist – Bluez
5. Zhou – I Remain
6. Kahn – Tehran Uprising
7. Superisk – Find Your Way (Kahn Remix)
8. Kahn – Fierce
9. Kahn – Rorschach Riddim
10. M.I.K – Do It (Kahn Remix)
11. Maddslinky feat. Tawiah – Further Away (Kahn Remix)
12. Sorrow – Escapades of Kami and Dyna

Buy Kahn tunes at Juno.

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