Massive Attack & Burial – Four Walls & Paradise Circus

Full details were released today regarding the much anticipated collaboration between Massive Attack and Burial and the internet has received the news more giddily than a fat kid on ice skates chasing a pukka pie. The two-track single features a reworking of ‘Paradise Circus’ from 2010′s Heligoland and a lavish revision of a previously unheard track, ‘Four Walls’. These are not going to be your standard, add a beat, some reverb, distort some vocals and jump around remixes though — not that Burial ever does such things, but you know what I mean — they’re twelve minute epic journeys into the depths of your darkest moments. They will swallow you whole and gnaw at the bones of your very existence… Ok, so I’m being dramatic, but ‘Four Walls’ is a sumptuous offering and some dedicated headphone time is required to really appreciate it and I’m assuming ‘Paradise Circus’ is equally beautiful. Trust me, have a listen and your shrinking heart will thank me.

In terms of purchasing information, it’s a limited release so only 1000 copies will be available worldwide and…well…it’s £25 too, which is a lot but isn’t completely horrendous, I mean that’s like one happy meal at current McDonalds prices. YEAH I SAID IT. SCREW YOU MCDONALDS! You can pre-order the vinyl over at VF Editions.

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