Med School – New Blood 011

Although I’ve completely lost touch with reality and have been beatboxing to myself for the last hour, the rest of the world is functioning pretty well and Hospital Records’ Med School is gearing up for the release of their latest New Blood compilation, New Blood 011. Showcasing a host of cutting-edge drum & bass talent, the 12 track release features an array of tunes fresher than a still wriggling salmon, most of which you can preview over at the official Med School site. My favourite however is Spherique’s ‘Snowflakes Catcher’, a fluid and serene piece from yet another impossibly good Russian artist. I don’t know what’s happening over there, maybe they study Goldie at school instead of English literature, but they’re making insane music and I’m dancing to it…in my head at least. I’ll be snagging that tune even if I decide not to pick-up the whole release, although it seems to be pretty damn spiffy all the way through and the mention of blood makes my fangs tingle. I call them my fangs, but I guess that’s just because they’re the only two teeth I’ve got left in my fat head. It’s all the god damn Sunny D and rum!

New Blood 011 drops March 28th on Med School. Pre-order it now.

Note: I have beautiful teeth.

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