Mirrors – Superior EP

Mirrors - Superior EP

A departure from his usual offering of house and garage vibes, yesterday saw Glasgow producer Mirrors drop a 5 track hip-hop release entitled Superior EP. Despite track names such as ‘Swag’ and ‘Mo Money’ implying Soulja Boy style vacuity, this is actually pretty melodic stuff. Lush synth, elements of tonal percussion, vocal snips and an assault of intricate hats combine to form some seriously infectious beats that make me want to get some hydraulics installed on my Astra and bounce down my local high street. Infinitely more captivating than the majority of snap tunes my delicate ears have been subjected to, it highlights Mirrors’ cross-genre skill and displays his ability to infuse any style of music with raw rhythmic talent.

Superior EP is available for free download over at the official I AM site. Listen after the jump.

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