Mix Monday: Crissy Criss 60 Tracks

This Monday’s mix is vast. Instead of 1Xtra’s usual 60 tracks in 60 minutes, last week Crissy Criss conspired to cram in the same amount of tunes in just half the time. The finished product feels a little furious, but it’s massive nonetheless. Unsurprisingly, it comprises a huge list of tunes from a host of different artists including Alix Perez, Dillinja, Noisia, Jaydan, Heist, Taxman and countless others. Of course, this lengthy catalogue means there is a jump up angle in there for everybody. I think the whole thing is pretty huge, Crissy Criss is a sick DJ.

The file below is the full 1xtra show but if you want to skip to the mix, it starts almost exactly an hour in. A full tracklisting is available on the BBC 1Xtra site.

Crissy Criss – 04/02/2010

On another note, I think Crissy Criss looks a bit like Piccolo from Dragonball Z in his photo on the 1Xtra website…seriously.

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