Mosca – Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

Rumoured to be part of a forthcoming EP on Hypercolour, ‘Eva Mendes’ is another huge look from the brilliant mind of London’s Mosca. I’m convinced he named it after Ms Mendes on the off-chance that she’d somehow get to hear it and think “Wow, Mosca’s a genius. I absolutely must meet him and satisfy his every need.” Of course, if she did say that, she’d be bloody right. Plus, you can’t really blame Mosca for trying, Training Day made me want to quit my life and hang on Eva’s back full-time like a baby koala.

Due to drop in May, this is going to be reason your Grandad tweaks his knee at the old folks’ village hall bash. Those pensioners sure know how to get down.

Buy Mosca tunes at Juno.

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