Mount Kimbie – Crooks & Lovers

Dentists should have this album playing on surround sound while they fuck about with your teeth. Who cares if they eventually get sick of it, I’m having my damn molars ripped out here. There is little to be said about this superb album that hasn’t been said already; even the Telegraph admitted it was bloody brilliant and it’s not often they use naughty words or have a clue what’s going on with people under the age of 52.

The album is made up of tracks right, and those tracks are made up of drums and bass and beeps and twangs and guitars and, most importantly, silence. The genius of Crooks & Lovers, therefore, lies in it’s sparsity and simplicity. At no point during this long player’s relatively un-long exploration of contemporary electronic dance music does a sense of uncertainty or bewilderment ever rear it’s ugly head (Editor’s note: better descriptive words needed here; shame author is retarded). Words are boring so here is the official video to ‘Would Know’. The ‘review’ continues after the drop.

To try and describe this album using references to genre-related shitballs is an exercise in destroying what this album stands for. It belongs in the same border-less vacuum as Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma in that it is music for music’s sake; a space you can float into, be gone with worries such as pre-determined structure or standards and lose yourself.

Crooks & Lovers is a work of art and, like all works of art, a completely subjective affair. The beauty lies in discovering how this album moves you. A friend My only friend recently said it’s the perfect driving album. True but it’s also the perfect everything album. For me ‘Blind Night Errand’ is the solo bedroom skank, ‘Mayor’ is an invitation to cycle as fast as possible and ‘Between Time’ the nostalgic gaze over forgotten horizons.

Box Musique were raving about Mount Kimbie way back when and for good reason. They won’t be soon forgotten with a release as timeless as this. Unless the world ends in 2012 but then who’d be complaining. Not that I hate life, there just wouldn’t be anyone around to complain you see. Point is, Crooks & Lovers is undeniably brilliant, jeeze.

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