Mount Kimbie Live in Cologne

If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing Mount Kimbie live, then this video is about as close as you’re going to get (for now). Playing ‘Maybes’ in Cologne at the end of last year, their experimental — or ‘sperimental’ as one of the comments says — style shines through as they tweak all manner of hardware and manipulate their samples live. It’s always good to see electronic musicians taking their shows to the next level and Mount Kimbie are a fine example of what you can achieve. It’s got to be way more interesting than just spinning the same tunes over and over again, surely? They did go pretty wet and heavy with the delay on one of the lead vocal samples, but I’m not complaining, it’s almost 6am here and this is soothing me to sleep.

The embed code for this player is pretty terrible…bigger version here.

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