Socket Science – Elegant Decay Mix

Socket Science - Elegant Decay

Me and Oldsy have been discussing the possibility of an exclusive Box Musique mix series since the beginning of time. Seriously, we sat there on the council with Zerb, Vultar and the Great Creator and theorised spicing up the annual Gods meet with a bit of funky music, but just never got round to it. Well, the time has finally come and I am now proud to present the first installment in our long-awaited series, compiled (like a boss) by Astor Bell head honcho Socket Science. Dubbed the Elegant Decay Mix, it comprises just over an hour of minimal goodness that, right from the slightly unsettling vocal snippets of the introduction, will have you glued to it like you were actually glued to something. From the euphoric landscapes of Max Cooper’s ‘Heresy’ through the quirky bounce of Klatraum’s ‘Lenny’ to the melancholic vibes of Ryan Davis and Transistor’s ‘Nature is The Law’ and the genius of Pig & Dan’s ‘Haai Jack’ remix, Elegant Decay is an orgy of lush, rhythmic indulgence that you should download immediately. If you don’t I’ll tell Vultar and you know what he’ll do, I mean, look what he did to Betamax and Enron. Exactly.

To check out more Socket Science, and offerings from the rest of the Astor Bell crowd head over to their official site and be patient, for new releases are on the horizon. Also, keep your eyes open for Socket’s upcoming collaboration with Giuseppe which should surface in the next couple of months and will certainly appear here at some point.

Listen to mix via Mixcloud below or download it here. The tracklist lies after the jump.

1. Aloo – TreiToTrei [Astor Bell]
2. Ryan Davis – Supernova (Max Rieger Remix) [Traum]
3. SCSI-9 – Summariata [Apparel]
4. Max Cooper – Heresy [Traum]
5. John Tejada – Unstable Condition [Kompakt]
6. Barem – Sky [Minus]
7. Damolh33 – Contrite [Mystery Train]
8. Klartraum – Lenny [Lucidflow]
9. Ryan Davis & Transistor – Nature Is The Law [Bondage]
10. Kid Massive & John Puzzle – Makarska [Sound of Copenhagen]
11. Drumcomplex & Pascal Dior – What You [Resopal]
12. Michel De Hey – Haai Jack (Pig & Dan Remix) [Circle]
13. Bukaddor & Fishbeck – Camino (Broombeck Remix) [My Best Friend]
14. Roland M. Dill – I’ll be There (Sam Ball Remix) [Trapez Ltd]
15. Simian Mobile Disco – Gizzard (Version 2) [Delicacies]

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