Socket Science Subway Edition Mix

I don’t know what Socket Science eats for breakfast but whatever it is, it’s the perfect fuel for producing ridiculous mixes. His latest melange of electronic goodness was strung together exclusively for Belgian blog SSSSound, and appears as the 7th incarnation in their SSSSoundtrack series. Entitled ‘The Subway Edition’, it’s a characteristically diverse blend of captivating tunes from the likes of Joy Orbison, Four Tet, Astor Bell colleagues Caribou and Bubble Shield and, amongst others, Socket Science himself. Beginning with the jazzily beguiling ‘Minimal Elvis’, it soon becomes clear that proceedings are going to enchant more than Cinderella with a pumpkin on her head and, well, they most certainly do. Gui Boratto’s remix of Simian Mobile Disco’s ‘Bad Blood’ marks my personal high point but the whole thing is through and through quality. Mmmmm delicious.

Bang it on, punch a nun, have a barbecue. What more is there to say?

Socket Science – Subway Edition Mix

1. Intro
2. Unknown Artist – Minimal Elvis
3. Blind Minded – Jazz 2 Me (Subb-N Remix)
4. Daniel Steinberg – Rush Me (Format:B Remix)
5. Claude Von Stroke – Vocal Chords
6. Joe Goddard – Apple Bobbing
7. Robert Babicz – Come Closer (Stimming Remix)
8. Bubble Shield – Hex
9. Simian Mobile Disco – Bad Blood (Gui Boratto Remix)
10. Justin Martin – Get Low
11. Max Cooper – River of Gold
12. Pantha Du Prince – Stick to My Side (Efdemin Version)
13. Socket Science – Virtual Reality
14. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
15. The Menu – Laugh Chile Puree
16. Harvey McKay – 69 (Socket Science Remix)
17. Socket Science – Ephedra
18. Caribou – Sun

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