Soup Kitchen – Breach, Ben UFO, Blawan

The last Soup Kitchen was bigger than your strange Uncle’s ego after a successful 6-week stint on Countdown which, if you’re wondering, is actually a pretty decent achievement. Thankfully, you’ll be able to get out of the house and away from his endless “Susie Dent said” stories and patchy beard on May 20 as the next instalment in the soupy saga brings Breach, Ben UFO, Blawan, Cooly G and T. Williams to this humble city we call Sheffield. Such an eminent line-up demands your enthusiastic attendance and if you fail to show up, lightning will strike you on the way to your next boxercise class. If it doesn’t, well, you got lucky…this time. Breach’s ‘Fatherless’ on a big system will be better than a cold pot noodle and a rough sleep on your sheetless bed anyway.

Tickets are £10 and as is customary, the venue will be announced 24 hours before the event. Head over to Facebook for more info.

Also, Ben UFO’s ‘Never Went to Blue Note’ just got put up on Boiler Room a few days ago, so have a gander at that when you get the chance.

Soup Kitchen - May 20

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