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Atlas – Feel Me [Video]

From their recent single of the same name, which dropped on COJA a couple of weeks ago, the new video for ‘Feel Me’ from duo/trio/occasional-four-piece-when-live Atlas offers pure nocturnal vibes. Soft focus urban luminescence. Owls love this shit.

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Atlas – Feel Me

The b-side from their forthcoming Don’t Explain 12″, “Feel Me” is the latest slice of halcyon goodness from Atlas. The follow-up to Cities EP, which saw a digital release on Symbols earlier this year, it’s as rhapsodic and characterised by a composed charm as the artwork above implies. It made me do one of those […]

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Atlas – Cities EP (SMBL007)

Due to drop on Kastle’s Symbols imprint on August 28th, Cities is the debut EP from production duo Atlas. Comprising four tunes, including “Lights” and “This Is”, it’s a masterclass in tranquil vibes. I’ve been pushing these guys for a while now and their recent step into the world of creative live performances, in the […]

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Atlas Live Session

Ahead of their debut release on Kastle’s Symbols imprint, Atlas recently performed a live session for Bokah at Loughborough’s Aspect Studios. “This Is” and “Lights” you may have heard before, but “4am” is an emerging track and it’s got the same tranquil vibes that could make Mike Tyson consider a sit-down and a beer instead […]

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Atlas Gott…wood?

Pitting 10 acts against each other for a chance to play at Gottwood festival in Anglesey, this DJ competition has more at stake than a couple of vinyls and a pat on the back. To enter, each act submitted a mix and after being shortlisted, were left to the mercy of the Facebook public with […]

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Atlas – Lights (feat. Emily Harris)

Having just spent five hours on public transport and the rest of the day battling the London hate machine, the tranquil vibes of ‘Lights’ from Midlands two — possibly-soon-to-be-three — piece Atlas have calmed me right down. Treading a delicate line between melancholy and optimism, delayed details of guitar combine with twinkling elements of synth […]

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Not to be confused with a book that tells you about the world and that, Atlas are a group comprising production duo Luke and Rem and vocalist Emily Harris. Hailing from about as close to the centre of England as you can get, although currently split between Nottingham and Leeds, the trio have released EPs on both Kastle’s Symbols imprint and COJA.

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