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Eleven Tigers – Stableface (Dark Sky Remix)

Eleven Tigers’ Clouds Are Mountains was a complex and imposing album that I felt was largely slept on when it came out earlier this year. Fortunately, Dark Sky also saw the beauty in the Lithuanian producer’s epic compositions and have gone one step further than I ever would (or could), forging this remix of ‘Stableface’. Less concerned with lofty atmospherics, the remix has more of a garage-banger-in-a-black-hole feel to it, with the bassline punching holes in the sky and vocal snippets shifting pitch to complement the percussion. It’s a very different track but is brilliant in its own right. What else can I say? Dark Sky are killing it at the moment.

Eleven Tigers – Stable Face (DS Remix) Forthcoming Soul Motive Records by Dark Sky

I’ve also attached the original because it’s something you should hear. Eleven Tigers’ music has been described as “what happens after Burial” and I don’t really know what that means, but it sure sounds interesting. Just imagine you’re stuck in a power station cooling tower after the rest of the world has been decimated by an apocalyptic disease, that’ll get you in the mood.

Eleven Tigers – Stableface

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Kelis – Brave (Dark Sky Remix)

Posting two remixes in one night? I must be mental or seriously devoid of any social life whatsoever…umm…I’ve got some friends. Basically, I felt compelled to post this because it is seriously good. I’m a sucker for smoothly warped vocals and here London trio Dark Sky have elegantly manipulated Kelis’ ‘Brave’, utilising pitch to perfection. Poised, fluid and serene it embodies my current ideal musical state, that brand of escapist mellow that sends you to a floaty slow-motion city scene scattered with pulsating light trails and the smell of wet asphalt. It slid down my ear holes like honey down Pooh Bear’s throat.

Slated to drop in early 2011, you’d be a fool not to jump on this. Maybe not a fool, maybe you just have different tastes, sorry if I offended you. I should be nice, it’s almost Christmas…

Kelis – Brave (Dark Sky Remix) 96kbs by Dark Sky

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