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Joker – On My Mind (Rustie Remix)


Yesterday saw the release of a single from 4AD featuring two utopian remixes of Joker’s ‘On My Mind’ from his recent album The Vision. The first of the duo is an orchestral and break-heavy rework by none other than Goldie and the second track, from Glasgow producer Rustie, is literally da bomb. And I don’t use that term lightly…or at least, I haven’t since the ’90s. Seriously though, it’s an absolute cracker. Which is kind of a fitting description considering it’s almost Christmas. If you bought the track, put it on a USB stick and placed it inside a cracker which you rigged in favour of your opponent’s victory, they would be on-their-knees-grateful when they found out what they’d won. Trust me, I’m a pro.

I was actually going to sit down and craft a lengthy and inspiring description of the Rustie tune, but instead I ended up watching an episode of Sharpe and completely losing myself (which tends to happen quite a lot). You should probably just listen to it below and directly immerse yourself in the kaleidoscopic goodness like an eccentric Alice in Wonderland extra with a penchant for bass.

Joker – On My Mind (Rustie Remix)

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Buy both ‘On My Mind’ remixes at Juno.

Win Triangle Tickets

People may walk past our window and scream “Scrooooge!” while shaking their fists, but we can be generous souls here at Box Musique and to prove it we’re giving away 2 pairs of tickets to Triangle in London on December 2nd. Of course, in reality, it’s the guys over at Triangle who are giving away the tickets and we are merely facilitating such generosity, so don’t give us all the credit…but do give us some.

In terms of the actual event, Hyperdub’s Ossie is headlining proceedings with his blissful brand of organically-inspired house ready to get you moving like a centipede on a trampoline or possibly even a millipede on a trampoline. Alongside him is another purveyor of chilled yet optimistic vibes in Hackman, Take Record’s James Fox and the Triangle resident 2-22′s is the final piece of the beautiful puzzle. Basically, if you’ve got a place in your heart for the deep and groovy, then this is your thing. Or maybe I should change “thing” to “ting” to sound a bit cooler…and maybe not use the word groovy, ever.

How to Enter (In Bold to Save Scanning Time)
To enter all you’ve got to do is head over to that Twitter website and tweet a link to this post with the hashtag #wintriangle included before November 30th and then I’ll sift through all [4] of the entries and pick out one at random. If you’re interested in our ‘random’ method, last time we ran a comp Oldsy wrote everyone’s name on a grape and threw a bowl at me…I caught one in my mouth and BOOM. Winner. We’ll do something similar this time, maybe with knives and a spinning wheel. Why are you still reading this? Enter the damn thing!

Triangle is at the City Arts & Music Project in London on December 2nd. Head over to the event page on Facebook for more info. Flyer after the jump.

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Sepalcure Debut Album Out Today

Sepalcure - Sepalcure LP

It’s not even 7am here yet and I’m up and ready for a day of doing whatever the hell it is I do which may or may not include dressing up as superman and drinking cheap beer before lunch. Anyway, the reason for the ridiculously early post is to give you a quick heads up on today’s release of Sepalcure’s self-titled debut album, which any self-respecting human with a set of functioning ears and penchant for electronic music should purchase. Preview it below.

Sepalcure is out now on Hotflush Recordings.

Sepalcure – Sepalcure LP *Album Preview* [HFLP006] Hotflush Recordings

Buy Sepalcure at Juno.

Jack Sparrow, Ruckspin & Quantum Soul – Minotaur


The internet connection precariously cabled into my shire hovel may have given out on me yesterday, leaving me stranded in what is effectively the ’80s, but I have journeyed across town to source a reliable vein in order to update this oh-so-well-respected source of new electronic music (phew). The update in question pertains to a rather spiffing collaboration between Jack Sparrow, Ruckspin and another Leeds head, Quantum Soul. You may recall Spaz and Ruckz, as I often call them, recently released a rather delectable album as duo Author, so it’s fairly standard to assume whatever they throw in together is going to be good. This is exactly that, although it does seem to be a little bit more aggressive than their usual material which may be a result of Quantum Soul’s influence. Of course, that’s purely an assumption because I’m not really familiar with his previous work so it might be a load of bull…

That was a Minotaur joke. Ok, I admit it, I wrote the entire post so I could crowbar in that horrendous pun. I’m going to bow now. Listen below!

J.Sparrow+Ruckspin+Quantum Soul -Minatour by J.Sparrow (dubstep)

Joker – Back in the Days (Kahn Remix)


Even though I’m convinced that the first words uttered in this tune are “I’m on top of the game and no-one’s parsnip”, it’s worth battling through the childish mirth because, all vegetables aside, it’s rather good. A right Bristol knees up with Kahn lending a fleshy orchestral touch to Joker’s ‘Back in the Days’ from his recent album The Vision, it doesn’t actually feel hugely different, but that doesn’t really bother me because I love the original.

Anyway, it’s free to download so grab it below. Shouts to our new buddies Squeegie for getting this up before me!

Joker – Back in the Days (Kahn Remix)

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Buy Joker’s album The Vision at Juno.

DJ Pinch – Swish (Distance Remix)

The whole dubstep filth phenomenon is something I’ve become less enthusiastic about in recent times. Although I am still partial to a booming sub, I’m not particularly in love with the robotic vomit gushing from bass cannons and other similar conceptual contraptions such as the mind of Skrillex (he’s not real, is he?). Where I once would have rejoiced at a wugga wugga drop and tried to come up with a witty description along the lines of “dirtier than a dead dog in a dustbin”, I now tend to just put on some garage and shuffle around like an old man trying to find a handkerchief.

This tune, however, is an example of heavy dubstep at its finest. A brutal remix of Pinch’s ‘Swish’, Distance is a genius and this will punch you in the stomach like an angry dwarf. A very angry dwarf. At the moment, there’s no details regarding its release and this short clip is all we’ve got, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is huge.

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