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Phaeleh Data Transmission Mix

As much as I’d like to curl up in bed and listen to this, social conventions dictate that I must live some sort of productive life in order to fit in. So, shifting to a sitting position, I figured writing about it would allow me to qualify as partially normal. Compiled for the Data Transmission podcast, Phaeleh’s latest mix is a big one and it’s stuffed with more goodies than a homeless colony’s trolley park. Tentatively described by the man himself as ‘garagey [and] futuristic’, it provides an hour of infectious beats smothered in hooky vocals, deep atmosphere and cathartic bass. If I was Charlie Brooker I’d probably say something about how that makes my bowels swell with anger, but I’m not so I’ll just eat these mini-eggs and try and figure out what I’m going to do with my life instead.

Listen to the mix over at Data Transmission and as usual, the tracklist lies after the jump.

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XXXY – You Always Start it / Ordinary Things (TTY005)

This past week has been more stressful than a year locked in a hotel room with Louie Spence and whilst Oldsy has been pointing his planks down the mountain, I’ve been slaving away writing about Australian animals because I value my education. It hasn’t been all bad though and the time stuck in front of my typewriter has allowed me to listen to hell of a lot of music. XXXY has been a frequent fixture in this never-ending playlist and the garage/dubstep/house/master of pastiche from Manchester has actually got a release coming out this very month, so I figured I’d give it the props it deserves.

Appearing as the final instalment in Ten Thousand Yen’s first 5 series, the formidable pairing of ‘You Always Start It’ and ‘Ordinary Things’ drops on January 27 as a limited 10″ white vinyl. Both tracks have been around for a while and are characterised by sweetly tuned vocal snippets and subtle yet infectious movement that will have you nodding your head like MC Hammer undergoing electric shock therapy, although perhaps not quite as violently… Just imagine enthusiastic [and immeasurably stylish] dancing and then scroll down and listen. If it tickles your fancy, head over to the Ten Thousand Yen site to cop it and remember, you’re beautiful no matter what they say (most of you anyway).

Oh, and I’ve also been rinsing The Chipmunks this week too. ‘The Wall’ is powerful.

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