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Burial – Street Halo (HDB013)

The recent Thom Yorke, Burial and Four Tet collaboration didn’t quite go down as well as expected and rather than bask in a wave of praise, it languished in an uncertain pool of hmmm. Thankfully, Monday sees the release of the first Burial solo material in four years and having been partially played on Benji B’s Radio One show last night, I can confirm that it is pretty damn good. Entitled Street Halo, the three track EP sounds a lot less cluttered than the likes of ‘Mirrors’ and rumoured as a precursor to Burial’s next album, is rather exciting to behold. Weightless yet epic, it’s exactly the kind of lo-fi genius we’ve come to expect from the secretive South London producer. Buy it? Buy it.

Preview ‘Street Halo’ and ‘Stolen Dog’ below and head over to Juno to catch a snippet of ‘NYC’ and/or buy the release.

Burial – Street Halo

Burial – Stolen Dog

Soup Kitchen and Bigger Than Barry

Soup Kitchen have been promoting ridiculous events in Sheffield for quite a while now, probably even longer than you’ve been pretending to like dubstep and garage so that kind-of-hot girl you sort of know might notice you and think you’re cool. Just recently, for example, they brought Dark Sky and xxxy to the original home of decent spoons and I don’t need to tell you how happy that made me (hint: very).

Continuing the theme of astute bookings, next week sees an event which is such a banger I saw the poster and had to double-take like a cartoon cat. I then walked around the block — or would have if this was America — and had another look just to make sure it was real. With a line-up comprising Joy Orbison, Pariah, Midland, Lil’ Silva as well as the inevitable Soup and Barry residents, it’s going to be more exciting than the time you and your best friend Ronnie found that dirty magazine in the woods. Basically I reckon you should snag a ticket pretty sharpish because come next Friday (March 25th) you won’t want to be standing out in the cold whilst everyone else is inside loving it like homeless men at a real soup kitchen…on Christmas Day.

Tickets are £10 and in terms of the venue, it’s a secret…until 24 hours before the event at which point it will be announced on Facebook. Talking of Facebook, head over to the event page for more info. See you there.

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Eleven Tigers – Stableface (Dark Sky Remix)

Eleven Tigers’ Clouds Are Mountains was a complex and imposing album that I felt was largely slept on when it came out earlier this year. Fortunately, Dark Sky also saw the beauty in the Lithuanian producer’s epic compositions and have gone one step further than I ever would (or could), forging this remix of ‘Stableface’. Less concerned with lofty atmospherics, the remix has more of a garage-banger-in-a-black-hole feel to it, with the bassline punching holes in the sky and vocal snippets shifting pitch to complement the percussion. It’s a very different track but is brilliant in its own right. What else can I say? Dark Sky are killing it at the moment.

Eleven Tigers – Stable Face (DS Remix) Forthcoming Soul Motive Records by Dark Sky

I’ve also attached the original because it’s something you should hear. Eleven Tigers’ music has been described as “what happens after Burial” and I don’t really know what that means, but it sure sounds interesting. Just imagine you’re stuck in a power station cooling tower after the rest of the world has been decimated by an apocalyptic disease, that’ll get you in the mood.

Eleven Tigers – Stableface

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Buy Dark Sky tunes at 7digital.

Mackaveli’s Fabric Celebration Curators Mix

As part of the Mixcloud Curators series, Fabric DJ Mackaveli has compiled a formidable hour long chronicle comprising tunes from the likes of Wookie, Dop, The Knife and more. At times relaxed, at others funkier than your Grandma in an MC hammer video, this has a little bit for everyone. The Mosca remix of Tempa T’s ‘Next Hype’ is particularly mad and I’ve also been enjoying Mount Kimbie’s take on Foals’ ‘Spanish Sahara’.

Listen below, the tracklist is snugly located inside the little widget.

The History of Dubstep

Recorded at Thekla in Bristol for the Foo Magazine versus Monkey!Knife!Fight! night a couple of weeks ago, ‘The History of Dubstep’ is Plastician’s masterfully compiled journey charting the genre’s evolution from its humble garage beginnings to the diverse landscape we know today. Featuring tunes by the likes of Wookie, Skream, Flux Pavilion, Artwork, DJ Zinc and Sukh Knight, there’s a huge amount of quality running through this mix and some equally good MCing from P-Money — the guy who destroyed Ghetts — augmenting proceedings. If there’s one thing you download today, don’t let it be another Anal Adventure flick…let it be this.

Plastician and P Money – The History of Dubstep

Tracklisting after the jump.

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Hold On, Rusko’s Back

I may have been scathing about the name of the new album and the fact that ‘Woo Boost’ sounds like a rehash of ‘Mr Chips’ but Rusko’s latest track to surface, ‘Hold On’, is pretty sick. Silvery vocals lie on a blanket of subtle bass, all punctuated by crisp percussion that sounds as sweet as an ice cube on a freshly cut lawn. It’s more of a soft garage vibe than his usual punch-in-the-nuts-and-skank material — 2007′s exquisite ‘Love is Real’ is an exception — and it’s very pleasant indeed. He should be making more stuff like this and hopefully OMG will follow the positive vibes and feature a few more flashes of brilliance.

For now, however, all we can do is lay back and relax. Well…that’s what I’m going to do anyway. I wonder if I’ll leave the house today…?

Buy Rusko tunes at 7digital.

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