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Blunted Robots – Free Mickey Pearce EP

To commemorate the launch of their new website, Nottingham based label Blunted Robots is giving away a free EP under Shortstuff’s alias Mickey Pearce dubbed Mickey’s Car Boot. Over the last couple of years they’ve put out some great tunes by the likes of Martin Kemp and label-heads Shortstuff and Brackles and yesterday they informed […]

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Elijah & Skilliam 01012011 Mix

It’s 2011, the year you’re finally going to get a job, move out of your parents’ house and just generally get your act together. Of course, you’ll start doing all that in a few weeks, first it’s time to listen to a bit of muzak and get down to the local for a few swifties. […]

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Crazy Titch – Crazy Times Volume 2

Initially due for release at the end of August, stock restrictions and various other limitations meant that we had to wait a few extra days to hear Crazy Titch’s new material. Crazy Times Vol. 2 — recorded in prison — is a 23 track mixtape which is now available to buy from all good retailers […]

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Crazy Titch Interview

SBTV never fails to bring the goods and yesterday they characteristically delivered, uploading a video of Crazy Titch discussing the forthcoming Crazy Times Vol. 2 mixtape and the current grime scene in general. It’s a phone interview — because, you know, he’s in prison — so the quality isn’t exactly amazing, but if you hold […]

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Romo – Jam Your Hype

Word on Road has been turning out a barrage of sick promo videos recently and Romo’s ‘I Live This’ is the latest to catch my blurry little eyes. One of Birmingham’s finest, Romo dropped the Jam Your Hype mixtape last week and anyone who has a working set of ears should shut up and snag […]

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Ed Sheeran is Incredible

I watched this last week but for some reason it didn’t occur to me to post it. Oh well, it’s here now and all I can really say about it is that it’s an exhibition of pure talent. Ed beatboxes the percussion, plays guitar, sings, raps and well, it sounds a little bit shit if […]

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