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Mirrors – Superior EP

A departure from his usual offering of house and garage vibes, yesterday saw Glasgow producer Mirrors drop a 5 track hip-hop release entitled Superior EP. Despite track names such as ‘Swag’ and ‘Mo Money’ implying Soulja Boy style vacuity, this is actually pretty melodic stuff. Lush synth, elements of tonal percussion, vocal snips and an […]

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Cruger’s Zinger Tower

Don’t Flop’s Cruger spitting a zinger tower verse for a free meal at KFC. I’ve got to write one of these for the dough balls at Pizza Express…

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Dumbfoundead – Cool and Calm

Here’s a new(ish) video for ‘Cool and Calm’ from Dumbfoundead’s recent album DFD. Cathartic and unconcerned with the stresses of everyday life, it’s hip-hop how I like it. Plus, there’s attractive women in the video. OH YEAH! I’m off to eat tuna and bench press some heavy stuff. Probably, like, stuff you could never even […]

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Fliptrix – Earth’s Axis

A label already considered seminal, and one arguably responsible for the revival of UK hip-hop, High Focus Records seem to have a secret formula for producing and delivering flawless diamonds some kind of urban African warlord. The stream of incredible tunes label founder Fliptrix has been dropping in the run up to the release of […]

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Don’t Flop: The 10 Best Battlers

In light of the recent Don’t Flop title match in which O’Shea prevailed as the league’s first ever champion, I decided it was time to compile a list of who I believe to be the best rappers in DF and give an opinion on who should be next up for a title shot. There’s been […]

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Cruger – I Need

As you know, I’m prone to the occasional UK hip-hop post, but I tend to keep it fairly chilled out because understated beats and cathartic lyricism is what I loves yo. That being said [rap battle judging joke], here’s Cruger with an introspective discourse of unrealised ambition and general regret. It is, however, accented with […]

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