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Dauwd – Whats There


Forthcoming on Pictures Music, Whats There — missing apostrophe intentional — is a 3 track release from Welsh multi-instrumentalist Dauwd. Lauded by the likes of Giles Petersen, Caribou and The XX (on their confusing blog), his style is profoundly organic, mellow and richer than Scrooge McDuck. The title tune, ‘Whats There’, is similar to the recent crop of ’90s house revival tunes, with a sampled vocal snippet and deep kicks thrumming consistently throughout, but there’s an altogether more mellifluous vibe that sets Dauwd apart. Despite this, I was actually quite disappointed when the bassline that kicks in at 1:58 wasn’t continued later on, it made me feel like I’d just discovered that injecting chocolate intensifies the flavour and then realised chocolate had been obsolete since the asteroid hit, you know, the one that wiped out most of the human race except a few stereotypes who banded together for survival. I’d be the nerdy one who eventually wins over the attractive female. Definitely.

Anyway, I posted this because Dauwd is playing alongside Scuba in Sheffield tonight at Drumro[ll] and both me and Oldsy are making an appearance. Advance tickets are sold out online, but there’s a few knocking about at Bungalows & Bears and Golden Harvest and there’ll be a limited supply on the door so you should come down. If you manage to make it and want an autograph from us, just ask…and then brandish a fiver with the promise of more to come (we need the money). Head to Drumro[ll] on Facebook for mo.

Whats There by Dauwd

Buy Dauwd tunes at Juno.

FaltyDL – Atlantis EP

FaltyDL - Atlantic EP

Straight from the sprawling urban tangle of New Yorkshire, Falty DL hits somewhat dizzying heights with the release of Atlantis on Ninja Tune. It’s been out since Monday, allowing plenty of time for a concise, informative review to have been crafted by my fine self. But I can’t find it.

Falty (as he’s known to people who pretend to be his friend) well and truly throws genre constraints out of the window. To which we salute vigorously, however that might work. Opener ‘Atlantis’ rolls from a vintage Daft Punk intro towards a blissed out, synth-driven cloud adventure. Then there’s the cheeky junglist nod as ‘Can’t Stop the Prophet’ plays out. Something for everyone, as long as you got rhythm kid.

Pancho Piedra – San Bartolo EP

Pancho Piedra “San Bartolo” EP [ADIG16] by Adjunct

Thought I’d try something new… So you’re listening to the track samples while reading this right? Mental. May we present some hauntingly uplifting Ecuadorian house music courtesy of Adjunct. It was actually the video for the title track that caught my eye over at KOMPAKT.FM. You can watch it after the jump, because that’s how the world works. Form over function; the story of my life.

San Bartolo EP is available for honest purchase at KOMPAKT.FM

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BNJMN – Black Square

Ah, Sunday evening. A time for moderate to intense reflection. A time to realise how broken your hype-o-meter is. I am no doubt so far behind the times with this one that I may as well go pick up my gal and take her to see this rockin’ new band called The Beatles down at the Liverpool docks or wherever they used to play.

This is just a wee post to inform you that I’m getting into this mini album by BNJMN. And maybe you should be too. Let’s take the material away, draw our personal conclusions, meet over coffee to discuss and collude ideas then hand the report in on Wednesday. I feel a promotion may be on the cards.

Black Square album preview by BNJMN

Black Square is out now on Rush Hour and available to buy at Juno.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix)

Lana Del Rey

Everybody has been remixing Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ recently and by everybody, I mean Jamie Woon and now, Joy Orbison (there has actually been loads more, but these are the only two I’ve posted). Where Woon’s version splices, transposes and generally focuses on switching up the vocals — in a beautiful manner, I must add — Orbison has kept the original vocal track complete and married it to a characteristically majestic house inspired beat with rather exquisite results. Have a listen while simultaneously admiring a picture of Miss Rey. How nice.

Buy Joy Orbison tunes at Juno.

Hodge – The Fall

His name may make him sound like a lumbering brute from a fantasy novel, but his music tells a different story, one of people dressed like Wesley Snipes from New Jack City chilling on sunny, evening beaches (I don’t know what this image means either, but it’s damn cool). Hailing from Bristol, Hodge, otherwise known as Jacob Martin, is one of a number of producers turning out that distinctly house-inspired dubstep sound and most of his output is smoother than the creamy hand on the Gaviscon adverts. ‘The Fall’, which drops on Monday (October 10) with ‘Crush’ as a b-side, is exquisite. Use your ears and that.

Buy ‘The Fall’ over at Juno.

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