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Joker & Rustie – Light Years Popsicle

‘Light Years Popsicle’ is a fitting title for a collaboration between Joker and Rustie, two producers whose musical personalities would perfectly assimilate into the retrofitted future of Blade Runner and/or other similar sci-fi scenarios. If Chris Tucker was here dressed as Ruby Rhod, he’d catapult this tune into the stratosphere. Or beyond into, you know, […]

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Joker – On My Mind (Rustie Remix)

Yesterday saw the release of a single from 4AD featuring two utopian remixes of Joker’s ‘On My Mind’ from his recent album The Vision. The first of the duo is an orchestral and break-heavy rework by none other than Goldie and the second track, from Glasgow producer Rustie, is literally da bomb. And I don’t […]

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Joker – Back in the Days (Kahn Remix)

Even though I’m convinced that the first words uttered in this tune are “I’m on top of the game and no-one’s parsnip”, it’s worth battling through the childish mirth because, all vegetables aside, it’s rather good. A right Bristol knees up with Kahn lending a fleshy orchestral touch to Joker’s ‘Back in the Days’ from […]

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Joker – The Vision

God knows this one has been in the works for a long time. You only need to check the 27 page thread on Dubstep Forum where the first poster, in October 2010, states that he has been waiting for the album for over a year. Hell, we’ve all been waiting a long time and come […]

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Joker, Kapsize and Tron

This weekend saw the launch of Joker’s new website for Kapsize Recordings and in order to get you all hot under the collar, he’s giving away 15 signed test pressings of forthcoming single ‘Tron’. If you’ve not heard it yet, all is not lost, head over to Soundcloud and have a little listen. On the […]

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Joker’s Gully Goon Estate

I don’t know how he does it, but Joker just keeps throwing out amazing tunes at an unbelievable rate. He’s like a supernatural sushi chef who slices tuna thinner than anyone else believes is possible. Elijah & Skilliam played his new collaboration with Terror Danjah, ‘Gully Goon Estate’, on their Rinse show last Tuesday and […]

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