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Julio Bashmore – Pelican

A dancefloor banger accented with hints of menace, “Pelican” is the b-side to “Husk” on Julio Bashmore’s forthcoming Broadwalk release. One of the hottest properties in all of bloody music and that, Sir Bashmore is also going on tour early next year so you can witness these monsters rumble your vitals in their natural habitat. […]

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Julio Bashmore – Husk (Video)

Here’s the new video for Julio Bashmore’s “Husk” that premiered over at Crack Magazine earlier today. It features an owl, an eagle and a man lifting weights which is clearly a winning combination. It’s not, however, quite as revolutionary as the time I filmed myself holding a baby frog and eating doritos. That was history.

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Julio Bashmore – Husk

Premièred a few days ago during his set on Radio One, ‘Husk’ is 8 minutes of deep house courtesy of Julio Bashmore. Offering up a distinctly retro vibe, this thumps like an aggressive rugby player after 12 cans of Stella. Although no release date has been announced as of yet, the general consensus is that […]

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Who to Watch at Beacons 2012 (Part 1)

July just turned into August and Beacons festival will soon be upon us. Held in Skipton from August 17th-19th, it features a stellar line-up of some of the best electronic, folk and indie artists this spinning globe of rock and water has to offer. If you want more proof that it’s going to be a […]

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Wiley – Glam Freestyle

Yep, Wiley’s done a freestyle over Julio Bashmore’s “Battle for Middle You”. He’s on a going out ting apparently. Calling it “Glam” kind of makes it sound like something catering for the readers of Grazia or Woman’s Weekly though. Maybe his next freestyle will be called “My Dad Left Me For My Dog” or “10 […]

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Beacons Festival Additions

Earlier this week, a host of new acts were added to the line-up for Beacons 2012, a boutique festival set to grace the picturesque scenery of the Yorkshire Dales this summer. The biggest additions came in the form of low frequency shaman Julio Bashmore, NYC folk rockers The Felice Brothers and Real Estate (who people […]

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